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fish identification

iDfishTM is a smart device application that provides you with reliable and consistant data when out in the field doing what you love best. Fishing!
Quickly identify fish, determine the regulated size limit (if applicable), eating quality and if it should be released because of its' protection status.  All this information can be obtained in less than 60 seconds and the fish returned to the water, with the best possible chance of survival.
iDfishTM has the largest database of line caught species for mobile applications in the world.  All the images of fish within the database are high quality and high resolution.  The developers of iDfishTM  have gone to great lengths to represent the displayed fish images as they would appear when freshly caught and removed from the water.  No tank or underwater photos.  No photos of dead fish.  No illustrations.  This is essential for a quick and accurate fish ID.
Fish change colour, shape and size for a variety of reasons and in an effort to make sure we give you, the angler,  the best possible chance of accurate fish identification, we also provide different colour phases of various species.  This feature, coupled with species comparison information, makes this previously difficult task to identify a fish quick and easy.
This application works offline and does not require an internet connection to ID a fish.  Any trip information recorded will automatically back up to your account when an internet connection is re-established.  

All fishing regulations for all lined fish species in Australia are inluded in the application and are available in an offline capacity.  These regulations a checked daily by your application to ensure that you are up-to-date with all you legislative obligations.  

If you are unable to get a fish ID, there  is a built in facility that allows you to send an image of the fish to the iDfishTM team.  The team will use multipul resourses to ID fish that you send and get back to you via email with the fish identification information.
Additional features include:
  • Tide times for all tide stations throughout Australia (No internet connection required)
  • Almanac with fish displayed and recorded on a solunar clock
  • Trip log to record all your fishing trips with photos and information of fish caught
  • Catch details where all information of a catch can be recorded including size, weight, tag number, weather at the time of capture, fishing line class etc.
  • Third party ranking of your catch - submit a photo of a fish for ranking against other Anglers.
  • Follow your friend's progress and fishing trips.
  • Join Challenges and test your fishing skills.
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